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1:144 Hamilton props

Prop's for the L-188 Electra,Convair 580 or P-3

Part Numbers: 
US Customers
  $15.00  CM44-Ham-Prop

International Customers CM44rs $15.00 CM44-Ham-Prop-Intl

1:144 Aero-Products

Convair Prop's for the L-188 Electra,Convair 580 or P-3

Part Numbers:
US Customers
$15.00  CM44-Aero-Prop

International Customers $15.00 CM44-Aero-Prop-Intl

1:144 Convair 990 Landing Gear

Part Numbers:

US Customers  $12.00  CM44-990Gear

International Customers $12.00 CM44-990Gear-INTL

1:144 DC-10 Landing Gear

Part Numbers:
US Customers
$15.00 CM44-DC10-Gear

International Customers $15.00 CM44-DC10-Gear-INTL

1:144 737-700 Fuslage

Includes tail, tail shown attached in photo 

Part Numbers:
US Customers $20.00 CM44-737-700



International Customers $20.00 CM44-737-700-INTL


1:144 707 Cockpit

Part Numbers:

 US Customers $6.00  CM44-707NOSE

International Customers  $6.00 CM44-707NOSE-INTL

  1:144 Airbus Nose
Designed to fit Airbus wide body aircraft A318/A319/A320
Part Numbers:

US Customers 
$12.00 CM44-AB-CP

International Customers  $12.00 CM44-AB-CP-INTL

1:144 Scale DC-10 Nose Correction

For Revell or Airfix

Part Numbers:

US Customers
$25.00  CM44-DC10-NOSE

International Customers $25.00 CM44-DC10-NOSE-INTL

1:144 Baggage Cart

art Numbers:

US Customers $4.00  CM44-Bag Cart

International Customers $4.00 CM44-Bag Cart-INTL

1:144 Scale Lav Truck

Part Numbers:

US Customers  $4.00  CM44-Lav Truck

International Customers $4.00 CM44-Lav Truck-INTL

1:144 Pan Am Stairs

Part Numbers:

US Customers $7.00  CM44-PAA Stairs

International Customers $7.00 CM44-PAA Stairs-INTL

1:144 Fuel Truck

Part Numbers:

US Customers $4.00 CM44-Fuel Truck

International Customers $4.00 CM44-Fuel Truck-INTL

Part Number:

US Customers
$4.00 CM44-Air Stairs

International Customers $4.00 CM44-CM44-Air Stairs-INTL




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