DC-6 /7B /7C Cabin in 1/72 Scale

This is designed for the Heller DC-6 Kit, and can be used with the Contrails 7B & 7C
conversions. Included in the mod are two versions of the cabin arrangement ,an all
first class or all coach.

(1) Cockpit Section

(1) Forward Section

(1) Mid Section

(1) Aft Section

(2) Lavatories

(3) Over Head Bins

(1) Set of Curtains

(1) Coat Closet

(1) Aft Galley

(1) 3 Part Lounge and Wind Screen

(1) Aft Lounge Wall

Part Numbers:

First Class Interior

US Customers $60.00CM72-FIRST INT

International Customers $60.00 CM72-FIRST INT-INTL   

Coach Interior

US Customers $60.00 CM72-COACH 

International Customers  $60.00 CM72-COACH-INTL   

1/72 Scale Complete Modern Interior

Part Numbers:

US Customers $50.00 CM72-Seats

International Customers $50.00 CM72-Seats-INTL

1/72 Scale Washroom

Part Numbers:

US Customers $7.00 CM-72-WASH

International Customers $7.00 CM-72-WASH –INTL  

1/72 Scale Sleeping Berth

Part Numbers:

US Customers $10.00 CM-72-SLEEP   


International Customers $10.00 CM-72-SLEEP-INTL 


1/72 Cargo Doors & Floors

Part Numbers:

US Customers $15.00 CM-72- CARGO


International Customers $15.00 CM-72- CARGO-INTL  

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