Complete Kits

1:48 Scale RB-51Red Baron

Part Numbers:

US Customers $60.00 CM48-BARON

International Customers $60.00 CM48-BARON-IN

1:144 Scale S-T2 Turbo Tracker Air Tanker Turbo Fire Bomber

Part Numbers:
US Customers $30.00 CM44-TRACKER

International Customers $30.00 CM44-TRACKER-INTL


This Kit does not include the decal.  The decal can be purchased from DRAWDECAL

Part Numbers:
US Customers $50.00 CM44-Poseidon


International Customers $50.00 CM44-Poseidon–INTL 

1:48 Scale Complete "Strega" Kit

As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, the Strega has been completely re-mastered into a complete kit.
This one exists and you can have it for your own.
Includes pewter props,landing gear and a clear canopy.

Part Numbers:
US Customers $60.00 CM48-Strega

International Customers  $60.00 CM48-Strega–INTL  


US Customers $65.00 Kit with Decal  CM48-Strega-D


International Customers $65.00 Kit with Decal CM48-Strega-DINTL  


1:144 Scale Metroliner Kit

Complete kit for the Metro, including pewter landing gear and props.
Part Numbers:

US Customers  $20.00 CM44-S226 


International Customers  $20.00  CM44-S226–INTL 

1:144 Scale Complete kit for the Boeing 717

This is a complete resin kit to build a 717 in 1/144 scale. Full instructions are
included, decals available separately from DRAW Decal.

Part Numbers:

US Customers  $45.00 CM44-717

International Customers $45.00 CM44-717–INTL 

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